Deck Painters in Melbourne - Decking Painting, Staining & Restoration Services

With all the foot traffic your deck receives– not to mention all the nasty weather conditions Mother Nature can whip up – you need to give your deck the best protection. Our painters in Melbourne are here to help!

Whether you have a new deck or an existing deck that needs a fresh coat, we ensure you get the best results. With us, you’ll get no residue, missed spots or stray marks – just a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

We take care of your:

  • Deck staining
  • Deck sealing
  • Deck restoration

Get in touch with our team today for a free quote and on-site consultation – you’ll be contacted promptly with our best offer. We can assist with both residential and commercial decks.

Timber Deck Painting

A timber deck is more susceptible to damage: UV can harm the fibres and leave your deck vulnerable, while rain and moisture eventually lead to wood rot. This puts your family and everyone else you care about at risk. By staining and sealing your deck, you can protect the pores and prevent discolouration and deterioration.

Sealing the surface of the wood can help reduce the growth of moss, lichen and mildew, as well as prevent stains from spillages. We apply premium quality products to your new or existing deck and use expert staining techniques, giving our clients a durable quality finish.

It is highly recommended to have your deck painted every other year to keep it in the best condition. Depending on your preferences, we can use a solid color or bold stain that shows off the natural texture and grain of the wood.

Composite Deck Painting

Composite decking is designed to be durable against the elements, but what happens if the colour fades? Or what about if you’ve changed the appearance of your house exterior and want to change your deck to match?

Though deck painting isn’t strictly necessary for composite decks, there may be circumstances where you want to repaint. Because of how the decking is made, regular painting techniques won’t quite cut it – you’ll need someone who has the right experience and know-how.

Our Melbourne painters will be able to help prepare and paint your deck in the right manner so that it looks as great as possible and stands the test of time. As we are familiar with the guidelines from different manufacturers, we’ll be able to recommend the best solution for your house or business.

Our Deck Painting Process

Melbourne residents have many commercial painting contractors to choose from, so why go with us? The answer is simple:

  • We prepare your deck, cleaning the surface with our pressure washing equipment to remove dirt, debris or old coating. We also ensure there are no loose boards or areas needing repair.
  • We select the right paint or stain depending on the level of protection you require, the type of deck and the aesthetic you're going for. If it's a simple touch-up job, we make sure to choose perfectly matching paint. Depending on the project, we may use our spray painting equipment or a selection of brushes.
  • Your deck staining proceeds, with our experts ensuring your stain or paint is properly applied.
  • We inspect your deck to determine that we haven't missed a spot and that it looks as neat as possible before taking care of all the cleaning.
  • Once we complete our work, you'll have a brand new beautifully painted or stained deck!

More Related Services – Fence Painting and more

Apart from deck painting, we can help with any area of your Melbourne property to ensure that you get the best exterior painting job. Whether you need your fence painted, your roof revitalised, or your entire home repainted, our painting company has the right materials and tools.

We offer:

  • Exterior painting
  • Fence painting services
  • Roof painting
  • Garage door painting
  • Rope access painting for hard-to-reach areas
  • And more!
  • Professional team


    Our deck staining is carried out by experts with years of practical experience. You can trust that we have the right equipment and expert techniques to deliver the quality work you deserve.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


    Our Melbourne painters are willing to go the extra mile for our customers, ensuring they get a fantastic job every time. We pride ourselves on great communication and service.

  • Quality paint and equipment


    We have the right tools for correct preparation and paint application, ensuring the coating is applied evenly and looks as great as possible. We use only premium-quality products for your paint or stain job.