Exterior Painting in Melbourne - Exterior House Painters & Services

When it comes to your property, whether it be your home or business, people very much do judge a book by its cover. How well the outside of your building is painted will impact how people see you – it’s only natural that you’d want to present your best self.

Our exterior painting contractors are dedicated to helping our clients transform the outside of their property into something they can be proud of. Over the years, we have built up a reputation as expert exterior painters in Melbourne, dedicated to delivering quality services at affordable prices. We aim to deliver exactly what you envisioned in your head to transform your property, giving you a fantastic job every time.

Here in Australia, quality exterior painting is even more vital as our buildings are exposed to some of the harshest conditions: strong UV and heat, winds, rain, salt from the ocean, and all sorts of nasty weather. By choosing high-quality paint suited to each surface, you can be sure that your paint will look good and last for many years to come.

Want to find out more about our exterior painting? Melbourne residents can get a competitive quote from our team by calling or reaching out online. We’re happy to discuss any painting project you may have and provide more details.

Our Painting Process

We aim to make the whole process as painless as possible from first contact to the final finish. With our team, your painting job is as easy as can be:

  • You get in touch with our painters and we give you a free quote for your paint job.
  • We inspect the areas in need of painting to determine the scope of the job and identify any areas which may need repair during preparation. If needed, our colour consultant will help select the right colour scheme.
  • We take care of surface preparation, doing a high pressure clean to remove any dirt or old, peeling paint. This will ensure that the paint goes on as smoothly as possible. If there are any areas in need of repair, we will sand or fill the surface to ensure it is even and ready for painting.
  • After we're finished, we'll inspect the exterior to ensure there are no missing spots and that the fresh coat of paint has gone on as expected. If there are any areas in need of attention, we'll make sure to address them so that they blend seamlessly with the rest of our work.
  • After confirming the colours you have chosen, we get straight to work. We use industrial spray equipment for smooth and quick application, and brushes and other equipment to get all those finer details on the outside of your structure.
  • We then meticulously clean the area to ensure there is no mess or evidence that we were there, apart from your brand new paint job. All that's left to do is for you to enjoy!

It’s no wonder why we’re the professional painters Melbourne residents call when they need interior painting, exterior painting, house painting or any other type of painting.

Exterior House Painters

The outside of your Melbourne home is your first impression to the world – make sure it’s a good one. As the most visible part of your house, you need to make sure you keep up to date with your maintenance, particularly your paint job.

Having the exterior of your house painted is a great way to revitalise it and make it more modern. Our exterior house painters will be able to transform your home and

Our exterior house painting services include:

  • Exterior walls
  • Front and back doors
  • Garages and garage doors
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Roof
  • Gutters
  • Eaves
  • Fences
  • Decks
  • Verandahs
  • Stairs
  • Balconies

We can paint the entire exterior of your Melbourne home or certain parts in need of a new coat. Whatever you require, we can guarantee a quality finish and an extremely professional approach.

Commercial exterior painting services

The outside of your building is the first thing that customers see when they interact with your business. Do you really want them to encounter peeling, stained or faded paint?

Our commercial painting in Melbourne allows us to take care of your exterior and ensure that it always looks its best. We can assist with:

  • Painting (or repainting) your premises
  • Graffiti removal and prevention
  • Painting maintenance
  • Pressure washing
  • And more!

With our large team of painting specialists, we are able to provide quick and excellent service across Melbourne.

  • Quality Paints


    We use only the best quality paint proven to last against Australia's worst weather conditions. All of the materials and equipment used by our professional Melbourne painters has been tested and approved.

  • Precise Exterior Painters


    With careful attention to detail and craft, our professional painters will ensure that you get the great job you deserve.

  • Affordable Prices


    Painting your exterior can be expensive. We offer competitive rates for our Melbourne clients to ensure that they get good value for their investment.