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    Roof Painters in Melbourne - Tile, Colorbond & Metal Roofing Painting Services

    Nothing makes a home look brand new like a freshly painted roof. If you’re looking to revitalise the exterior of your house, roof painting may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

    Our Melbourne roof painters are here to ensure you get the best roofing services possible. As an experienced company, we can provide expert advice to clients regarding the best solution and paint your roof meticulously so that there are no uneven or missed spots. We work with paints specifically designed for your type of roof and use only quality supplies, including Dulux, Nutech Paints, ACE Gutters, Shieldcoat and more.

    We can assist with Colorbond roofs, terracotta roofs, concrete roofs, and any other type of roof painting. Melbourne residents rely on our experienced staff to deliver the best cleaning, painting and overall roof renewal.

    Interested in our roof painting Melbourne service? Get in contact with our friendly team for your free quote today.

    About our Melbourne roof painting

    Why paint my Melbourne roof?

    Considerably cheaper than a full roof restoration, Melbourne residents can refresh the overall look of their house and property with a fresh coat of paint. A painted roof gains a new sense of style and life, increasing your home’s value and curb appeal.

    You can also use a heat-reflective roof paint that will help keep your home cooler during summer, helping you save on energy bills.

    How much does Melbourne roof painting cost?

    The amount you spend on roof painting is based on how long the painting takes and the materials required – both of which depend on the size of the roof. You’ll also have to factor in whether any areas are difficult to access, how steep the roof is, the type of material (terracotta tiles, concrete tiles, Colorbond, etc.), and the quality of materials.

    To find out exactly what your roof painting job will cost, get in contact with our Melbourne experts. We’ll be happy to do a full assessment of your roof and give you the best price.

    What is the best way to paint a roof?

    To ensure that you get an immaculate finish, there’s a lot of work you’ll need to do before picking up a brush.

    We take care of all the prep, performing a thorough roof cleaning using our commercial-grade pressure washer. Once we complete pressure cleaning, we inspect your roof to see if any repairs are needed: broken or loose tiles, cracks, or any other damage. Next, we apply the primer and base coat using our professional airless sprayers to achieve that smooth, professional finish. Some paints will also have stricter manufacturer’s guidelines; we are familiar with all of these and will ensure they are followed down to the letter.

    We aim to streamline our process, working within clients’ schedules to ensure that we can deliver timely and efficient service.


    Terracotta roof tile painting

    Melbourne homes look great with terracotta tiles but unfortunately due to their porousness, they can become damaged from the elements. Painting your roofing can halt the process and ensure your roof looks great.

    For those looking to repaint their terracotta tiled roofs, our Melbourne roof painting specialists have you covered. We’ll fully clean and repair your tiled roof before painting, using our professional sprayers to completely coat each tile without any gaps. Our team can work with both unglazed and glazed terracotta tile roofing.

    Concrete roof tile painting

    Melbourne roof painting jobs involving concrete tile are best handled by a professional. Though it doesn’t damage like terracotta, concrete tile can still become faded and dirty. We can remove any stains or wear and tear to deliver a fresh new look for your roofing.

    Colorbond roof painting

    While Colorbond roofing is quite durable, it can become damaged over the years. You may also wish to change the colour of your roof to update your property. Whatever the reason, we can ensure that Colorbond roofs in Melbourne always look their best.

    Colorbond painting requires a specialised process most people are not equipped to perform. Our team is well-versed in painting Colorbond roofs and will deliver a fantastic job every time.

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