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The right painting job can turn an average strata building into a great one. If you’re looking to attract tenants, you need to make sure that your properties look great both inside and out. Our strata painting Melbourne experts are here to help!

Our strata painters in Melbourne will be able to deliver exceptional results for any strata property. We can assist with small apartment buildings, retirement villages, townhouses, residential estates, warehouse units, modern high rises, and more. We know how to work with strata managers and other stakeholders to ensure that strata painting projects go as smoothly as possible.

Our experience includes oil-based paints, acrylic paints, epoxies and executing special and decorative finishes. With a full range of expertise, our strata painting Melbourne team will be able to give you the paint job you deserve.

Ready to get started on your strata painting project? Feel free to contact our professional painters to discuss your overall service package and get a competitive quote.

Why are we the strata painters Melbourne residents choose?

When choosing a professional painter for your strata painting, Melbourne residents trust our professional team. Working with us, you will get professional service, minimal disruption and the best results.

  • We offer interior painting and exterior painting services for your strata building, undergoing a rigorous preparation stage to ensure that all painting work lasts as it should despite weather conditions.
  • We use high-pressure washing to remove any dirt, peeling paint, holes, mould, rust and any other factors that will interfere with the application of the paint and the overall look.
  • As part of our interior painting process, we ensure that all furniture is protected and decorations (picture frames, wall hangings, etc.) are cleared so that there is no damage to the inside of your strata buildings.
  • We offer comprehensive painting services, including residential painting, commercial painting and industrial painting. This means that we are familiar with a wide range of projects and can tackle any painting job that comes our way.
  • We have the necessary management skills to tackle larger strata buildings and projects. With a dedicated project manager as your point of contact to ensure you are always kept in the loop and that your strata project progresses, we can deliver superior strata painting services.

Rope access painting

Our strata painters can assist with any exterior painting required for multi-level buildings or buildings with access issues. We specialise in rope access painting, allowing us to reach even the most tricky parts of your building without resorting to expensive scaffolding or other equipment.

To find out more about our rope access painters, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Expert Colour consultation for your
strata painting project

The right colour can make or break your strata property, giving it a sense of character and consistency. Our strata painters in Melbourne are familiar with the latest colour trends and colour theory, allowing us to provide expert colour suggestions that will transform your property and bring it into the contemporary age. We can also accommodate any palette you may have.

Your colour choice will define the aesthetic of your building. With our painting contractor team, you can be sure that you’ll make the right one.

  • Fully insured and licensed


    Our team of strata painters are fully licensed and insured and abide by all relevant safety guidelines to protect you, our workers and your property. This includes Australian Standards and Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

  • Quality paints


    The best painting work starts with quality materials. Our strata painting team only uses the best paint and tools to ensure you get a smooth, professional finish on your buildings.

  • Superior service


    We believe in delivering quick and quality service, working with the utmost care to provide a final result that our clients love. A workmanship warranty covers all works undertaken by our team.